The General Surgery Residency at Yale provides superior clinical and academic training to our residents to prepare them to be the surgical leaders and educators of the future.

Walter E. Longo, MD, MBA
Program Director, General Surgery Residency
Yale School of Medicine
Office of Surgical Education
P.O. Box 208062
New Haven, CT 06520-8062

Ania Shea
Program Coordinator 
General Surgery Residency   
Yale School of Medicine  
Office of Surgical Education  
FMB 107 
(203) 785-7890 

With the world class resources of Yale University, its school of medicine, and three training hospitals, we offer unparalleled educational and research opportunities to the best and brightest students. Our General Surgery Program of 72 full-time faculty, including women (21%) and minorities (19%), are committed to training future leaders and educators in General Surgery and the surgical specialties.

Yale New Haven Hospital, Veterans Administration Medical Center, and Bridgeport Hospital are fully integrated components of the residency program.

Our rotations for General Surgery, academic and clinical faculty ensure that Yale residents receive different and complementary educational, operative, and research experiences spanning the breadth of the surgical sciences.

Educational Conferences play an integral part of the General Surgery Program. Our program is at the forefront of mandatory changes that will affect every residency program over the next year. Night call is now every fourth night on most rotations, residents are assured at least one full day without clinical responsibilities, and residents usually work about 75 hours per week.

Yale General Surgery graduates are extraordinarily successful. Nearly 90% pursue fellowships, with 70% accepted in their first choice program. The vast majority of our graduates have entered academic careers in prestigious institutes throughout the country.

Yale Surgery deserves your serious consideration for surgical education. Contact the office; the Coordinator of Surgical Education, Ania Shea or, speak with one of our current residents about our program.