Yale Breast Reconstruction Program

At the Yale Breast Reconstruction Program, we understand that breast reconstruction is a deeply personal decision. Some women decide to have reconstruction after a mastectomy or lumpectomy to restore the shape, size, and appearance of their breast. While every woman has her own reasons for choosing breast reconstruction, studies have shown that breast reconstruction improves self-image, self-confidence, and quality of life.

In most cases, reconstruction can be performed immediately following a mastectomy during the same operation. In other cases, reconstruction should be performed in a delayed fashion, after the breast cancer is fully treated. Your surgical team will work with you to make the best decision to optimize your outcome. Regardless of timing, federal law mandates that all insurance companies pay for breast reconstruction when a mastectomy is indicated.

The Yale Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team are highly qualified to treat even the most complicated breast reconstruction cases. Our team is dedicated to helping women feel whole after breast cancer. We work with your cancer doctors, so that reconstruction can be incorporated into your treatment process. Our goal is to provide you with the support and information you need to make the safest and most appropriate surgical plan to restore your body and to help you heal.

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