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Vascular Access Services

YNHTC provides a wide array of vascular access procedures for patients with end-stage kidney disease, including arteriovenous fistula creation and graft insertions, permanent and temporary hemodialysis catheter insertions, and peri-toneal dialysis catheter insertions. 

We are dedicated to serving patients with end-stage kidney disease who require dialysis. The vascular access and peritoneal dialysis catheter procedures are necessary components of our commitment to providing continuity of care to patients who receive dialysis.

HIV Protocol

YNHTC is the only transplant center in Connecticut to offer kidney and liver transplants to individuals infected with HIV. These transplants are performed under strict treatment protocols. Advances in medicine have meant longer, healthier lives for people with HIV, as well as an expanded study of the feasibility of organ transplantation in this patient population. The protocol explores proper awareness and management of opportunistic infections, clinical aspects of pre- and post-liver transplant treatment, and the role of macrophages in transplantation. While the goal is to expand transplantation options for HIV-positive patients, the work will ultimately benefit all transplant patients.

Other Procedures

Other specialized transplant procedures performed at Yale-New Haven Hospital include: 
  • Bone marrow transplants - Replacing diseased bone marrow (which makes critical stem cells) with healthy marrow can put cancer into remission. 
  • Stem cell transplants - Replacing diseased stem cells (the cells from which other cells develop) can put cancer into remission. 
  • Bone transplants - Bones from cadaver donors can be used to replace damaged or destroyed bone in living individuals. 
  • Skin transplants -Donated skin can provide protection from infection while new skin grows. 
  • Cornea transplants - Corneas from cadaver donors can restore vision in people whose own corneas no longer function properly.

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