General Surgery, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care Research

The Section of General Surgery, Trauma and Surgical Critical Care is actively involved in both clinical and basic science research in trauma and critical care-related issues as follows:

Kimberly A. Davis, MD, MBA, FACS, FCCM  
Dr. Davis' research interests are in the fields of performance improvement and quality, inflammation and sepsis, and trauma resuscitation.

Dirk C. Johnson, MD    
Dr. Johnson's clinical interests include bowel obstructions, mechanical ventilation, and solid organ injuries.

Felix Y. Lui, MD, FACS   
Dr. Lui's research interests include shock physiology, resuscitation in trauma, pediatric trauma, and surgical infections, including necrotizing soft tissue infections.

Linda Maerz, MD, FACS    
Dr. Maerz is interested in quality improvement in the surgical intensive care unit, clinical outcomes in sepsis, and glycemic control in critically ill.

Adrian Maung, MD, FACS   
Dr. Maung's research interests include mechanical ventilation, ventilator weaning, and improvements in trauma care.

Melissa Perkal, MD   
Dr. Perkal is interested in outcomes in surgical intensive care, particularly for the veteran and geriatric patient populations.

Stanley H. Rosenbaum, MD   
Dr. Rosenbaum is interested in the incidence and detection of perioperative myocardial injury. In particular, he is examining the efficacy of troponin I (TnI) and CK-MB levels for the diagnosis of perioperative ischemia. Dr. Rosenbaum has also set out to determine the sedative and analgesic sparing effect of music in the ICU.

Kevin Schuster, MD, FACS  
Dr. Schuster's research interests include continuous glucose monitoring, long-term outcomes in trauma and emergency surgery, closure of abdominal wall defects, ultrasound in trauma and critical care, and optimizing care in emergency surgery.

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